Hiveworkshop spells

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hiveworkshop spells

The 14th Techtree Contest has begun! Check out the Staff job openings thread. Dismiss Notice 60, passwords have been reset on July 8, If you cannot login, read this. Spells - Importing Tutorial: Introduction This tutorial is for those who make spells and those who want to import them.

Why for spellmakers? Because if they make importing efficient, their spells will be more appreciated. Main issues What exactly is to be known about importing spells from a map into another?

Complicated spells will involve units, other spells, buffs, perhaps custom models or items… And so, how do you know which to download? Objects needed to be imported are different from one spell to another. For non-triggered spells it is mostly simple. If they use a single spell, just use sub point a and if they are summoned, copy the summoned units as well. Go to Object Editor — Abilities and search for it under custom spells. Note: The following objects, triggers and models are not always easy to find.

Not all enchanced spells have dummy units but if it has, o the same copy-paste method for each of them, but this time in the Object Editor — Units section. Now into your map look at the abilities of the dummy units in the Abilities — Normal field. If it does, use the technique as before to copy-paste the buffs necessary. If there are, change those fields accordingly into your map as well.

They are numbered in the order in which they are created and if that order is different into your map, then things mix up.Dreadlords are incredibly powerful demons who wield the powers of darkness and mental domination.

These cunning, malefic beings once served as the demon Kil'jaeden 's most trusted lieutenants. Yet, at Kil'jaeden's request, the vampiric Dreadlords were sent to watch over the Lich King Ner'zhuland ensure that he carried out his orders to sow chaos in the mortal world. Though Dreadlords have been known to revel in the gore of single combat, they generally prefer to manipulate and beguile their enemies from the shadows.

The Dreadlord is one of the most popular Undead heroes because of his massive versatility, especially in team matches. Though he is classified as a melee Strength Hero, the Dreadlord possesses one of the highest mana pools and intelligence growths. In single matches, a Dreadlord isn't as powerful due to his lack of support to an Undead army compared to a Death Knight or Lich.

Alternatively, players may opt for Gargoyles instead of ghouls, although this takes some time to start up and won't be as effective against ground armies. Carrion Swarm is the Dreadlord's killing capability, as it deals a good amount of damage against ranged units, including aerial that the Dreadlord cannot normally attack without the assistance of an orb.

However, it should be the last skill invested into, unless an ally is also using the Dreadlord or ranged armies are being built due to its somewhat low damage which is further damaged if it hits more units.

Sleep is arguably his most useful skill, as it allows him to temporarily disable an enemy unit. Though it is almost negligible at first, level 3 Sleep is extremely powerful because of Sleep's naturally fast cooldown, low mana and prolonged duration regardless of whoever the Dreadlord targets.

Vampiric Aura is a powerful aura, especially when used in team matches and teammates are bringing in any melee unit, be it ground or aerial.

At level 3, units under the aura's effect will restore almost half of the damage they deal onto enemies. This skill should take second priority over Sleep because of its usefulness with melee units; Gargoyles become incredibly dangerous because most of the damage they'll take will be negated due to their strong melee attacks.

Triggers - Memory Leaks and Custom Scripts

If no melee units are being made, invest into Carrion Swarm instead. Inferno, as the name suggests, summons an Infernal. It is a powerful creep that deals chaos damage, has spell immunity and permanent immolation. Upon making an impact with the ground, all nearby ground units are temporarily stunned, and all nearby ground units and buildings take impact damage.

The impact also destroys trees, though this usually has no significant purpose. Inferno can interrupt summoned abilities, and also allows for killing potential with other Heroes. A Dreadlord will greatly benefit from mana boosting and regenerating items to complement his high mana pool and allow him to cast Carrion Swarm and Sleep frequently. Carrion Swarm can cause great damage to enemy units, especially low hit point units such as ranged units and casters.

Although having its fair share of advantages over Sleep, Carrion Swarm is less effective against clusters of units and costs more mana than Sleep. Carrion Swarm is also useful if another allied Dreadlord in the game is using Vampiric Aura. That frees up some points you can place in Carrion Swarm since they already have Vampiric Aura covered. Sleep is an incredibly powerful spell. Good use of Sleep can help determine the outcome of the game. Use Sleep on enemy Heroes to put them out of action.

Use Sleep on Heroes that are attempting to run away. Surround them with your Ghouls or Abominations then attack them once they are trapped. Cast Sleep on the most powerful enemy units to take them out of the battle. If the player lacks poor micro skills, then Sleep will easily overwhelm them as they will generally not attempt to wake their units up.

Cast Sleep on the most powerful Creeps before attacking them, though it will not last as long, it adds precious seconds to save your units.Ads by Project Wonderful! This tutorial is to provide knowledge of the basic memory leaks and ways to clean them up using custom scripts, for those of us who are not yet intone enough with JASS to make all our triggers using such. This also should provide us with a quick answer to all those posts about this, so we can just send people in the direction of this thread, and tell them to read.

Now granted these are cleaned at the end of the game, but if enough pile up during play without being removed, it can cause serious lag to the players, ranging from a little here and there, to complete un-playability, neither of which is wanted.

However, the actual language of these is that of JASS, which can give you almost free reign over every aspect of the game. This is what we will be using to clean up most of our memory leaks, since Blizzard put in the ability to remove these leaks, but neglected to add them to basic GUI. Now many different things can cause memory leaks, these include: Special Effects Groups Points Units Regions Forces Lightning Effects Floating Text Countdown Timers There may be more which I have forgotten, but these are the ones that need to be dealt with the most, since they are most commonly used.

Now I will show you examples of each of the most common, with memory leaks, and then after cleaning them up: Unit Groups Unit Group Bad Events Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in Units in Playable map area and do Actions Loop - Actions Unit - Kill Picked unit Now this will leak memory for every unit picked, which, depending on how many times this is ran, can add up heavily.

We first set our unit group to a unit group variable, pick all the units in this variable, do our actions, and then destroy the unit group variable, using a Custom Script. This is not a major leak, but depending on the amount of units created, and how often, it can add up. We need to remove both of these.

Special effects are one of the only things you can remove through GUI functions, and no custom script is needed. Whenever you create a special effect, you should always destroy it, even if it looks as though it destroys itself, such as in this case with Thunder Clap. Now some special effects, if destroyed directly after being made, never show at all. In that case you have to add a wait in, then destroy the special effect at a later time.

This stores each into a special effect variable array, and destroys them all at a later time. Units The last major leak is that of units. Many people like to use dummy units to create neat triggered spells and such. If these units are not removed, they can just pile up all around the map, leading to some major lag. Remember to fix your other point leak too.Nov 10, Please help. Spell Requests! So I suppose whichever is based on that. Unless you can explain how to implement other types hehe.

Each will represent one planet in our Solar System.

Warcraft 3 new spells

For example if an ally is buffed and it randomizes Blessing of Mars that unit will have the Orb of Blood model either orbiting that unit or resting overhead Whichever is easier for you. When the spell is cast on an enemy, it will buff that enemy with a random buff of 9 and the same will happen, only, of course, the negative values will be applied to that unit and the buff description will read different.

If a particular ability or curse is too difficult to implement let me know and I will do my best to choose a different set of effects. Spell art effect: Meh, you can pick. Any small graphic attached at the hands. You can only have 3 converted units. If you have 3 and you try to get one moreone of them will die instantly. You can only convert units that are level 10 or less than Heroes cannot be convertedjust creeps. Think its gui Spell art effect:none Damage amount:none AoE:none.

AoE:Global heal. Distance:Global too. Any Extra Info Here: when i say converted units i am refering to the converted units of the other spell.

hiveworkshop spells

If you play dotathose spells are similar if not exact match to Chen Holy Knight Spell number 3 and ultimate. Those are all for now. Thx in advance. Well I Dont have wc3 on the computer I'm on so I'll continue later. Nov 16, Hey are u here?Log in or Sign up. Click here to customize your rank or read our User Rank Policy to see a list of ranks that you can unlock. Have you won a contest and still haven't received your rank award?

Then please contact the administration. Ride into the sunset with the 32nd Modeling Contest. The contest is optionally paired.

How to: Make Spellbooks

Best of luck, people! Race against the odds and Reforge, Don't Refund. The 14th Techtree Contest has begun! Check out the Staff job openings thread. Dismiss Notice 60, passwords have been reset on July 8, If you cannot login, read this. Created by Mythic Apr 9, Currently available on Patreon as an early release.

Note: Custom Campaigns are not yet supported in Reforged, so please use your Maps folder instead. Resource Spotlight - April Created by Mythic Apr 1, The shadow shall be lifted nevermore. She died at Theramore. Jaina Dreadlord by Stefan. K How did it get so late so soon? Call of Dread by Mythic Find your place among the sanguine lords of old. Tichondrius This skin has you covered, whatever darkness waits for you in the depths. Created by Archian Mar 19, Kaivax said: Zug Zug!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have a dedicated team here focused on Warcraft III. Alongside our continued efforts to bring monthly patches with bug fixes and quality of life changes, the team is prioritizing delivering features like Ranked Ladders, Profiles, Clans, and Custom Campaigns. Random items placed using the unit palette will no longer be invisible in game.

Magtheridon will now animate correctly when its movement speed is slowed.Discussion in ' Tutorial Repository ' started by AndrewgosuJul 14, Jul 14, 1. NOTE 2: The value entered to the minimum field cannot be greater than the one entered to the maximum field. The number of spells shown in the spellbook will be still equal to the value entered to the maximum field. You need two spellbooks and the actual spell for that. TIP 1: Check out this thread to see a system which makes this process easier and enables spell levelling inside a spellbook.

There is no way to do that because there is no way to open the spellbook with triggers. The progress is simple: Create a spellbook, add all the needed passive abilities to the spellbook and disable the book to remove the icon. The spells ignore tooltip position inside a spellbook. The only way to fix this issue is to use add spells with triggers into a spellbook in an ordered fashion. This is because the abilities inside the spellbook are not permanent; they are gained via a spellbook. To fix this issue, you must make the ability permanent.

Like x Jul 14, 2. Good tuotrial. I always wondered what spell books were Jul 14, 3. This is a fairly simple tutorial for people who always ask how to do them. Like x 1. Jul 14, 4. Agree x 1. Jul 14, 5. How do you add levels to the abilities inside the spell book respectively? I created a new spellbook and put devotion and command aura inside both edited having 5 levels eachthen I made the spell book have 5 levels. I want it so when the hero learns the spell book, the level of that will correspond with the abilities inside.

EG level 2 spell book means having a level 2 command aura and level 2 devotion aura inside. Jul 14, 6. Jul 14, 7. Jul 14, 8. Great tutorial, though many maps use several spellbooks per hero. You'd best mention how the base order IDs would screw up, and you should thusly, if you have more than one spellbook, change the others so that their ID is some sort of non-targetable spell.Jun 24, 1. Hi, Simple question here: So I have a granite golem creep owned by neutral hostile on my map, and it casts hurl boulder on my hero when my hero approaches it.

hiveworkshop spells

This is great. How do I get a custom creep to cast a custom spell without specifically having to trigger each cast? Jun 24, 2. Jun 24, 3. Jun 24, 4.

Getting Creeps to Cast Your Spells

Jun 24, 5. Jun 24, 6. I think the AI editor could do it. All you have to do is create a custom race with all your units in it along with their abilities and tell them when they should use which ability? Jun 24, 7. So have you even seen the ai editor?? The AI editor is for melee AI. Build orders, attack waves, unit production and such. Nothing you do there will make your units cast anything. Jun 24, 8.

I do realise that it is melee AI. However, are you sure that you can't order units to cast? How does the melee AI cast hero spells? Jun 24, 9. Like x 2. Jun 24, For example, give "Impale" to a Neutral Hostile or a Computer Controlled unit, they'll use the ability automatically. Like x 1.

hiveworkshop spells

So what if I create dummy abilities based slow or a better ability that creeps use, but then trigger other stuff? Would that work? For the reasons that Blade mentioned, it's best to pick your base spell by the AI's behavior when creating custom trigger spells for computer controlled units.

For instance, if you want a unit to auto-cast an ability, you could use Slow and trigger the effect.


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