Mythological allusions

When mythology is blended with the art of allusion, we get mythological allusions. Read to learn more about the mythological allusions in modern society. Allusions are references established directly or indirectly with a place, an event, a character or a myth.

When these allusions are specifically from mythology then they are known as mythological allusions. A question that is continuously striking my mind is, why do we make references of myths for allusion?

One of the most important function of myth is to establish behavioral model. Each time we use an allusion, it has a moral interpretation. They are derived from different mythologies like Greek, Roman and Norse. We are all surrounded by mythology whether we accept it or not.

We daily come across so many allusions in form of words, city names, literature and companies — they all have been borrowed from various mythologies.

Everywhere you will find a reference to mythology. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk There are many groups and companies that have mythological reference to their logos and names. Following are the allusion examples of some world known companies and groups:.

There are many place in the United States named after mythological characters. Sixteen cities have Athens and twenty-six cities have Troy in their names. Here is a list of few states that have mythological references. Even the months in our calendar have originated from Roman, Greek, and Norse mythology. Here is a list of those months. Mythology in any culture is a storehouse of myths.

mythological allusions

Also, we often use biblical allusions as a reference in many situations. Since ages even mythologies have been influencing each other like Roman mythology is largely influenced by Greek mythology. Modern tradition also holds the glimpse of Greek and Roman culture through these allusions. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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She is the personified goddess of Mt.

mythological allusions

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Allusions to Greek Mythology in the Modern World

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Cookie settings Accept.Allusions to Greek Mythology are all over the place in the modern world. There are literary thousands of allusions based on Greek myth and legend out there. Here are a number of examples to keep you in awe:. Akademos is a legendary Athenian of the Trojan War tales. His estate, six stadia from Athens, is said to be where Plato had his school.

The Goddess Artemis turned the huntsman Actaeon into a stag after he saw the Goddess naked. This is the shield of Zeus and Athena. It shows the head of Medusa in the centre. An Aeolian harp produces musical flute sounds as wind passes over its strings. This one has a beautiful sound. A sea nymph who held the Trojan War hero Odysseus prisoner for seven years on her island. She promised Odysseus immortality if he agreed to to stay with her. Get to know your CM team on the blog up now… [link in bio] Drop by anytime [well you kinda need an appointment] we accept hugs and snacks.

The Sanctuary of Apollo is located in Delphi, thought to be the centre of the world. A young man named Leander swam across the Hellespont every night to spend time with his lover Hero, a female priestess of Aphrodite. The 10 year long adventurous journey the hero Odysseus experienced when returning home to Ithaca. Luckily she managed to shut it just in time, before hope could escape. The judge in the beauty Goddess contest and the lover of Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world.

His crew blocked their ears with wax so they could sail past. The sneaky Greek strategy that won them the 10 year long war against the Trojans, when Greek soldiers hid inside a hollow wooden horse. Pin it … Share it. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Greek Gods Paradise.Greek mythology is present in our everyday lives whether we know it or not.

It is deeply embedded into our everyday culture, and a lot of the movies we see, books we read, the music we hear, and yes — even products we buy — are deeply influenced by the Ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks had many different gods and goddesses — hundreds of them — and they are reflected through us through our language on an everyday basis.

Starbucks is a well known global brand of the coffee chain. According to the tales of Greek mythology, the twin tail sirens were dangerous but beautiful sea creatures. They use their beauty and melody to entice and seduce seamen and sailors into death traps. Versace is a well known Italian luxury fashion brand. Their logo is based on the Greek mythological god, Medusa. The Head of a woman with living venomous snakes instead of hair.

She has the power to petrify anyone who looked at her. From the tales, whoever fell in love with Medusa, cannot run away from her. This story is also the message of Versace. Their logo seduces authority and visual fascination. When Versace chose this logo, they wanted to build an iconic brand with a strong dominance on the global stage.

Which they have done, evidently. The colorful logo has a peacock in the center. The origin of the story center around the Greek goddess Hera. This also means that Zeus had the knowledge of seeing and knowing all. Sign up for the free tips on business and productivity today.

Receive email only when we have new content. You might not think that a professional football team would be considered a company — well that is exactly what it is! The titans were what was around before the Greek gods and goddesses, and are where the likes of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon come from.

Yes, we all have heard of the gigantic shoe and sportswear company hopefullybut did you know that Nike is the Greek goddess of victory? It only makes sense to name a sports shoe company after the goddess of victory. Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever originating in the United Kingdom. This was branded after the Greek goddess of beauty and love, also known as Aphrodite.Learn something new every day More Info A mythological allusion is when a piece of art, literature or music hints at a piece of mythology.

Such allusions are not extended; they are not representations, metaphors or personifications. They are brief passing references to something mythological that is commonly understood by the viewer, reader or listener. Mythology is a body of folklore from a common culture.

Many mythologies have crossed cultural boundaries to form a pan-region, pan-religious or pan-continental mythology. Greek and Roman mythologies, for example, have become important to European folklore and identity as a whole. A bigger example is the effect of Jewish mythology on the whole world as brought about by interpretations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. An allusion is a figure of speech.

Such figures are brief and short-lasting. This means the story or art work is not overtly or subversively dominated by the allusion, but uses it to augment the story being told. Allusions, including mythological allusions, are often called references and are used in literary works, art and TV shows to indicate knowledge of something or to pay homage to it.

William Shakespeare made much use of the mythological allusion in his dramatic plays. Romeo hopes the sun will vanquish the moon, meaning he will win Juliet, but it alludes to ideas in old mythologies such as Egypt of the moon and sun battling every night.

There are also many examples to be found in art. At the bottom of an otherwise ostensibly Christian work is Charon, the boatman who ferries soul across the River Styx. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted. Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Thank you for helping to improve wiseGEEK! View slideshow of images above. Watch the Did-You-Know slideshow. Follow wiseGEEK.Here you'll find further information on the explicit mythological references and some more subtle mythological allusions.

The order of the list below attempts to follow the sequence of mentions in the book as well as Riordan's other references to Greek mythology.

The first book, "The Lightning Thief," focuses on Percy Jackson, who is about to get kicked out of boarding school for the second time. Mythological monsters and gods are after him and he only has ten days to rectify what they want from him. In order to save the camp and keep it from being destroyed, Percy needs to gather his friends.

They need to solve the mystery and save Artemis before the winter solstice. Percy and his friends have to go on a quest in this adventure.

mythological allusions

Knowing it is an uphill battle, the thrill is strong to see who will reign more powerful. He is a 1 New York Times bestselling author and has won multiple awards for the mystery series for adults known as Tres Navarre.

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Othrys Peleus Polyphemus.Elements of Greek mythology appear many times in cultureincluding pop culture. Elements appropriated or incorporated include the gods of varying staturehumansdemigods, titansgiants, monsters, nymphsand famed locations. Their use can range from a brief allusion to the use of an actual Greek character as a character in a work.

Some types of creatures—such as centaurs and nymphs—are used as a generic type rather than individuated characters out of myth. The retelling of the myths "always [sits] in relation to older stories through audience memory" which creates a "jostling [of] knowledge" because there will "always be numerous older versions and related stories, even if not all of them exist today.

20+ Allusion Examples – PDF

Roman conquerors allowed the incorporation of existing Greek mythological figures such as Zeus into their coinage in places like Phrygiain order to "augment the fame" of the locality, while "creating a stronger civil identity" without "advertising" the imposition of Roman culture.

The medical profession is symbolized by the snake--entwined staff of the god of medicine, Asclepius. Today's medical professionals hold a similarly honored position as did the healer-priests of Asclepius.

The American colonial revolutionary, Thomas Greenleafsubtitled his newspaper " The Argus " after the mythological watchman and took the slogan "We Guard the Rights of Man. The Pegasus appears frequently on stamps, particularly for air mail. The United States military has used Greek mythology to name its equipment such as the Nike missile project [18] and the Navy having over a dozen ships named from Greek mythology.

Many celestial bodies have been named after elements of Greek mythology. The elements tantalum and niobium are always found together in nature, and have been named after the King Tantalus and his daughter Niobe.

The U. Apollo Space Program to take astronauts to the moon, was named after Apollobased the god's ability as an archer to hit his target [29] and being the god of light and knowledge.

The Gaia hypothesis proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet.

The hypothesis was formulated by the scientist James Lovelock [33] and co-developed by the microbiologist Lynn Margulis [34] and was named after Gaiathe mother of the Greek gods. The Trojan Horsea seemingly benign gift that allowed entrance by a malicious force, gave its name to the computer hacking methodology called Trojans.

The use of Greek mythology in children's television shows is credited with helping to bring "the great symbols of world literature and art" to a mass audience of children who would otherwise have limited exposure.

The Battlestar Galactica franchise particularly the television series [39] developed from concepts that utilized Greek mythology [40] and the series Heroesplayed on the concept of the new generation of gods overthrowing the old. Amazonsprior to their appearance in American Hollywood films where they have been presented in "swimsuit-style costume without armor" and "Western lingerie combined with various styles of 'tough', male" clothing, had been traditionally depicted in classical Greek warrior armor.

The Disney production of Hercules was inspired by Greek myths, but it "greatly modernizes the narrative, The video game Wrath of the Gods was an adventure game set in mythical Greece, and had an educational component where players could learn about Greek myths and history and see images of Greek art in cut-a-ways.

The God of War franchise of video games is set in a land of Greek mythology, with the main character being named after Kratos from Greek mythology though is not the same character. Hermes appears in the 'Fate of Atlantis' Downloadable content pack for the Ubisoft game Assassin's Creed Odyssey where he is revealed to be a member of the precursor race, the 'Isu', and both helps and hinders the player character.

Corporations have used images and concepts from Greek mythology in their logos and in specific advertisements. The wine Semeli is named after Semelewho was the mother of the god of wine Dionysus, drawing on the associations to give the product credibility. Though not advocated by Freud himself, the term ' Electra complex ' is sometimes used in this context. Particularly starting in the Renaissanceartists across Europe produced thousands of works of art depicting the Greek deities and their myths, for reasons ranging from the erudite to the political to the erotic.

In particular, in certain periods it was permissible to depict pagan deities nude when it would have been scandalous to so depict a human model or character. Romans would frequently keep statuary of the Greek god Dionysusthe Greek god of wine and pleasure, in their homes to use as a method of sanctioning relaxation without "any intellectual demands" [60].

Some stories in the Arabian Nights, such as the story of Sinbad blinding a giant, are thought to have been inspired by Greek myths. As a contest, Byron suggested that they each write a ghost story. Mary Shelley began writing her Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheuswhich was declared the winner of the contest.

In Irish literature, writers such as Seamus Heaney have used the Greek myths to "intertextualize" the actions of the British Government. The Italian poet Dante Alighieri used characters from the legend of Troy in his Divine Comedyplacing the Greek heroes in hell to show his contempt for their actions.By Michael J. Concrete language presents a picture to the mind. Abstract language, on the other hand, does not.

Mythological Allusions

An example of an abstract word is strength; an example of a concrete word is Hercules. One cannot picture strength, but one can picture someone or something that has strength.

Allusions and direct references both enable audiences and readers to picture what Shakespeare is talking about.

Allusions An allusion is an indirect reference to a person, a place, a thing, or an idea in mythology, literature, history, or everyday life.

Sculptors and painters often depict Atlas as bearing the world. Here is another example. Russia was known as the Soviet Union. Both campaigns ended in disaster for the invaders because neither Napoleon's French armies nor Hitler's German armies could cope with the brutal Russian winter. Both allusions enable audiences and readers to "see" what Shakespeare is referring to: 1 carrying the weight of the world on the shoulders and 2 a winter landscape.

Direct References A direct reference, on the other hand, is a specific mention of a person, a place, a thing, or an idea in mythology, literature, history, or everyday life. Shakespeare frequently used allusions and direct references.

This practice enabled him to enrich his dialogue and descriptions with concrete images that helped audiences to understand his meaning. A lengthy explanation became unnecessary. Here, the speaker is telling a soldier that a certain captain is such a notorious liar that he is stronger in breaking a promise than Hercules is in performing a feat of strength. At times, an allusion or direct reference in a Shakespeare play or poem may be obscure.

In such a case, the modern reader must use a dictionary, an encyclopedia, or an annotated copy of the play or poem to gain a full understanding of a passage.

But, in doing so, the reader develops a deeper appreciation of Shakespeare's verbal skill and the beauty of his language. Shop Now at Amazon.


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